Noviny Obchodnej akadémie, Watsonova 61, Košice
Dnes je pondelok, 26. február 2024.    Meniny oslavuje Viktor,  zajtra Alexander.

The school round of English Olympiad is organized every year even in our Bilingual section of Business academy. I attended both rounds last year at school and this year online.

 The tasks in the first round are compiled into a written test which includes listening part, reading part and the grammar test. If you are successful, you continue to the second round – speaking part of the Olympiad. The speaking part consists of telling a picture story and a roleplay with a teacher.

Last year when we were at school, the speaking part was, in my opinion, easier. This year we went online, the internet was slow and I couldn´t really understand what the teacher was saying, which in my opinion, lowered my score. The test was kind of okay but since it´s level C1 for bilingual students and C2 for native speakers, some of the tasks were pretty difficult.

Both rounds of the Olympiad are, of course, supervised by our professors. The writing part was organized, supervised and checked by our professors Mgr. Simona Albertová and Mgr. Edita Madžarová. The committees for the speaking part consisted of Mgr. Zuzana Marcinová, Mgr. Antónia Zubková and Mgr. Ľudmila Danková.  When we got the results from our professor PhDr. Darina Kováčová, who also congratulated the winners and encouraged everybody to continue studying English and getting better, the Olympiad was over. Since we were separated into two categories, we had three winners from each one:

Category 2C1                                                                      Category 2C2

1st place: Bakšiová Petronela, V.E                                  1st place: Bálint Benjamin, I.D

2nd place: Gergošová Júlia, I.D                                        2nd place: Figmigová Nikola, IV.E

3rd place: Barobin Adam, IV.E                                          3rd place: Sieber Stela, IV.D

Every year there´s a special price for creativity, which this year went to Radoslav Gajdoš, III.D.

Anyways, I think that every experience moves all participants forward, not only the winners, and we found out what we need to improve in our English, whether it´s in the grammatical tests, speaking, reading, describing things or just the roleplay. Everybody has different experiences of using English in real life and this Olympiad may help us improve them. I hope that next year we´ll participate again and do even better in both rounds. Congratulations to all winners. 🙂


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