photo-3755I am pleased to introduce one of our best and most unique English conversation teachers to you, Mr. Ravi Kant Bhutani. You will have a chance to get to know some basic, interesting and exquisite facts about this special teacher you may pass by in our school hallway, leaving you wonder in curiosity.


  1. Could you tell us more about your origin?
    I was born in Delhi, the biggest city in India.


  1. Why and when did you decide to move to Slovakia?
    When my Slovak wife agreed to marry me we decided to live in India and we did so but as she could not stand the summer of Delhi she came to her homeland to spend summer. I came to Slovakia to see her family and take her back home. When I was in Slovakia we resolved to stay in Slovakia.



  1. What do you love about Slovakia?
    Its natural beauty.


  1. Do you sometimes miss India, if so why?
    Yes, of course. Mainly because of family and friends.



  1. How many languages can you speak?
    Besides Hindi, the official language of India and also the fifth most worldwide spoken language, I also speak Punjabi, more historical, but wildly used language in India, also considered unusual among the Indo-European languages as a tonal language, and of course I also speak English and Slovak.


  1. Have you always wanted to be a teacher, if not what was your dream job as a child?
    “What will you be when you grow up?” My brother asked me when I was a kid. “Father” I answered.



  1. Do you enjoy working with teenagers?
    Teenage is the best age group to work with.


  1. What were your favourite subjects in elementary school and high school?

I liked Maths, English, Accounts and Economics.


  1. Were you a good student?
    Yes, I was. I was polite sincere and I always got good marks.


  1. What are your hobbies?

My hobby is mainly meditation.


  1. Do you have any favourite book(s)?
    Advent by Gregoire de Kalbermatten.


  1. Have you ever done something crazy, if yes could you describe it?
    I am not sure but many times I have made my students do crazy things during my lesson.



  1. What is your life philosophy?
    Forgive yourself and forgive everyone.


  1. Do you have any message or advice you would like to give to the students?


Thank you for your willingness and time. I can totally confirm that we did some crazy and peculiar activities during our lessons which were however exceedingly amusing and educational. I can tell I will never forget either this fully-valued spent time or you. I will surely give meditation a try. J