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Mgr. L. Desiatniková, PhD.

Pupils of I.E class/ group 2 – Business English took part in the international project competition called The Project Competition 2022 organized by the Oxford University Press. For their active and innovative project work that they were developing for several months, the organizers of the competition awarded them certificates of participation in the competition which were handed over to them on the occasion of the farewell to the school year ceremony.

Author: Mgr. Lýdia Desiatniková, PhD.

The KNOWING MORE project of the SEEDS non-profit organization brings a series of lectures to Slovak primary and secondary schools. It provides interesting information on various topics directly to schools, during this period in the online mode, which does not reduce their quality and attractiveness.

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My name is Júlia Gergošová, I am from II.D and I participated in this year’s English Olympiad school round.

The competition took place on November 18th, involving two parts: the written and the oral exam, with a separate category for native speakers. It tested our knowledge of the English language on an advanced level, as well as our ability to utilise these skills in practice.

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