Noviny Obchodnej akadémie, Watsonova 61, Košice
Dnes je pondelok, 26. február 2024.    Meniny oslavuje Viktor,  zajtra Alexander.

Mgr. L. Desiatniková, PhD.

On November 16, 2022, as a part of Global Education Week, our students had the opportunity to participate in several presentations of the non-profit organization Seeds under the title Know More. This time, the lecturers visited us at school premises and brought us very interesting and engaging talks.

Their meetings include games, quizzes and activities that make the class not only more fun, but also more attractive.

In the topic of Across The USA in English language, the lecturers prepared the right mix of history, geography and personal experiences. The theme Travelling in Time to 1989 was a personal story about the history of our country and Europe including the turning point of 1989, about the Velvet Revolution and its aftermath.

The topic How to Debate Correctly is a presentation about critical thinking, how to „get your head in order“, how to argue, debate, so that young people can start life a little more prepared. The lecture entitled Risks of Social Networks showed our students the world of social networks in a slightly different way – and it may have opened the eyes of many of them.

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