Noviny Obchodnej akadémie, Watsonova 61, Košice
Dnes je pondelok, 20. marec 2023.    Meniny oslavuje Víťazoslav,  zajtra Blahoslav.

University of Pavol Jozef Šafárik

Our last week trip was a presentation where we visited Department of American and British Studies (UPJŠ).

The main point was understanding their usual learning curriculum. One of the students explained their subjects, purpose and employment opportunities.

The most interesting subject they have there is film analysis. They dedicate the whole lesson to learning about the structure of a film. Their studying mainly focuses on essays and expressing their opinions. They prepared some quizzes we had to take part in. But one activity took our breath away. We could try to translate speech from English to Slovak in a special room. It was really an amazing experience.

Technical University

For us, high school students, college is very important. For two days we were on 2 different colleges. 

On Wednesday we went to Technical University in Kosice. The university organized a show around for high schoolers. They called it Picnic because there was also food and drinks and music. We could walk outside in the university area and visit some faculties or stools with each faculty propagation.

For example, Faculty of Aeronautics had flying simulations. We could try how it would be to fly with a little plane. Economic faculty had some quizzes. We will surely consider this college in future based on this experience. 

Tvorcovia: Emma Kišková, Svetlana Kmecová
Korektor textu: Lívia Ivanová

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