Noviny Obchodnej akadémie, Watsonova 61, Košice
Dnes je pondelok, 20. marec 2023.    Meniny oslavuje Víťazoslav,  zajtra Blahoslav.

In our society we always have topics which are considered as something what should we remain silent about, as something what is taboo. One of these is also women’s personal hygiene.

As girls, we often experience unexpected periods and this usually happens in the most inappropriate time. Thanks to „participativne projekty“ we got the opportunity to change the view on this situation. Our goal is to help each other in a way that only women understand. 

We planed everything and then make it happen. As soon as we got selected, we created an Instagram account to share the information around the school and also to find sponsors. Of course we got some financial support from the organisation but we wanted to set it on the next level. It was successful. One of the firms answered and agreed to help us with pads and tampons.

When we finally received finances, we bought plastics baskets and hygiene materials according to the numbers of toilettes in our school. After that we set everything in place and made our project as a part of our lives. It became more popular than we thought it would be and it makes us extremely happy than we could open up more about this topic.

Participatívny rozpočet na škole bol realizovaný s finančnou podporou zriaďovateľa – Košického samosprávneho kraja.

Tvorcovia: Emma Kišková, Svetlana Kmecová
Korektor textu: Lívia Ivanová

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