Noviny Obchodnej akadémie, Watsonova 61, Košice
Dnes je pondelok, 26. február 2024.    Meniny oslavuje Viktor,  zajtra Alexander.

Author: Benjamín Bálint

First and foremost, allow me to introduce myself my name is Benjamín Bálint, and I, together with my class professor Kravcová and two friends, participated in the annual Peace Marathon in Košice.

Our team

It was advised that we go running at least twice a week. It required a lot of conditioning to be able to run without getting too fatigued. Initially, the mental aspect was just as arduous as the physical aspect, anyhow the physical discomfort gradually subsided, whereas the mental struggles stayed put. Five days before the big event, we were instructed not to train. The minutes ticked by until it was the morning of the Marathon. Despite the frigid conditions (if I may say so), I was able to finish my segment of the marathon, although not without great difficulty. As the leader of the team, I commenced first. My time began at 9:25 a.m. One of the most difficult aspects of the event was not being able to listen to music because it was impermissible.  The first 4 kilometres were not difficult; however, from thereon forward I experienced acute pain in my right knee, making it incredibly difficult to run with proper form. Nonetheless, the crowd’s encouragement inspired me to give it my all. When I spotted the finish line of my sector, I ran full throttle, giving it everything I had, like if I were fleeing vicious dogs.

“Accept adversities with open arms since each one will chisel you closer to utmost brilliance.”

I wholeheartedly felt proud of not only me, but the entire team, as we all managed to conquer a challenge not everyone would dare to try.There is a moral to be learned from this. In my own words “Accept adversities with open arms since each one will chisel you closer to utmost brilliance.”

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